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Limited Edition 888 pcs


TFP is a start-up, having a light and flexible organization, with clear strategies and goals, and a strong know-how in Luxury and Watch-making.

TFP organization model is very efficient, paying high attention on strategic issues (kept in- House) such as Design & Engineering, Planning, Quality Control, Intellectual Property, Customer Care, in the benefit of Product’s quality and of an Affordable price.

Those who choose to wear a TFP timepiece are exploring a new trend in personal luxury and expressing their commitment to sustainable elegance.

TFP watches offer unbeatable value considering the features on offer in terms of their unique design, the quality of the materials used and the performance delivered. Add to that the sustainability credentials of the watch itself and of TFP as a company. TFP timepieces are designed to sustain their initial appearance forever.

In this phase TFP offers, in a special package – TFP CLUB START – the watches WINDROSE, as a support to TFP start-up: who Book now a  WINDROSE watch, becomes a TFP Business Angel and a Supporter of the Planet.

Back-cover customized

Watch back-cover cutomized: with engraved CLUB START, dedicated to whom is one of the supporters (Business Angel) in this TFP start-up phase

A Tree as a Gift

We plant a tree and it’s possible to follow its growth via WEB. An initiative to offset CO2 emissions and to help the sustainability of the Planet. A gift for You or for a person appointed by you: just send us the e-mail.

Choose Your Serial Number - Ltd Edition 888 pcs

In the Ltd Edition (888 pieces) you have the free choice of a standard number (if available).


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