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TFP srl  SB, the first amongst Italian luxury goods companies, was incorporated as a B -company which is to say that that we seek to generate profits, but in addition we aim to provide benefits to all stakeholders and the environment.

TFP’s  philosophy is to deliver high quality, mechanical automatic watches whilst seeking to protect the environment and to improve the quality of life, today and into the future.

Consequently TFP pays great attention on the one hand to the use of recycled, recyclable and eco friendly materials and on the other hand seeks to eliminate the use of harmful products such as solvents , non recyclable materials, batteries, reducing paper and pulp waste, and optimising our storage and distribution activities.

TFP leverages the latest technological and digital innovations which allows it  to improve its  processes and deliver on  its  objectives for all stakeholders.  


Being established as a   B-Corporation, according to its corporate bylaws, TFP  supports  a number of  sustainable initiatives and projects .

TFP pays close attention to the Goals of Global Agenda 2030 (ONU).


Among the infinite ways that Nature adopts to mark the passage of time, the production of the tree growth rings is particularly fascinating. The first description came from the genius of Leonardo da Vinci,  a very famous son of  the Tuscany, in which  TFP has its roots.

A key  sustainable initiative is the reforestation of the Planet: TFP collaborates with specialized operators to plant trees, whose benefits on the one hand compensate for the production of CO2 and counteract deforestation, and on the other offer new job opportunities to the populations who are cultivating  the trees.

Innovation & a sustainable product

TFP timepieces   use   recycled / recyclable / echo friendly  materials:

Case: it  is made from  metals  which have an high percentage of  recycled material, such as Steel, Bronze, …
Dial: domed metallic dials  whose colour is obtained from  natural processes (i.e. oxidation) or  from low impact  varnishes (without the use  of solvents).
Straps:  in selected vegetable  tanned leathers (certified) in Tuscany. TFP doesn’t  use  materials arising from protected  animal species  in  rubber of the highest quality, hypoallergenic and Made in Italy for diving and professional sport needs.
Sapphire Glass: Top double domed sapphire glass, no use of  plastic nor  mineral glass (it is chemically  treated).
Automatic Mechanical Movement: each TFP watch has a Swiss mechanical automatic movement which works thanks to the kinetic energy  generated by  wrist movements.  These are natural, infinite mechanisms, which use clean energy: a perfect example of circular economy.  On the contrary quartz watches  use batteries  ( lithium ) which  have a negative impact on environment.
Packaging : the presentation box  for the watch is minimalistic, but smart, made from recycled paper/ board  which meet FSC certification , including using rejects from fruits or it is made of other recyclable materials.

Innovation & a sustainable supply chain

TFP timepieces reduce waste and rejects:

Production: specific production  methods are used,  such as  the  metal casting, for the watch case in lost-wax casting, using longstanding  craftsmanship  techniques for precious materials,  and using  processes  to minimize waste & rejected of materials,  and so reducing  energy consumption.   Only the material required  for the case is used, there are no shavings, no exhausted oils, nor  do we need to use  many hours of processing (typical of CNC machining) .
Logistics: smart design  of   packaging    reduces  space requirements  for  shops or shippings, (this optimization is valid also for warehousing & containers).
Ownership Documents: both  TFP watch instructions and watch guarantee are in   digital  format, so avoiding the use of paper or of plastic.
Advertising: advertising for both product and  events will focus  exclusively on  digital solutions.
Distribution: large use of digital channels, shortening  distribution chain (thus reducing CO2 emissions), to reach a selected number of  retailers. According to specific  segmentation  criteria, retailers will have different level of contribution (Corner, Shop). Consumers will be reached also thanks to dedicated initiatives (i.e. TFP Ambassador and Partners).

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