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Watches, Italian Design, INNOVATION

Each TFP watch has an Italian Design: innovation, creativity, style and engineering are all  “in-house” in Florence, and so TFP can plan and control our  manufacturing steps. TFP is proud to have a great in-house team,with excellent  skills and experience.


Special attention is paid to the watch case, its materials  and finishing and great focus on the details; costantly aiming for high-end craftsmanship. 

The case making  in High-Tech cast (avoiding  waste material ) and satin finished produces   great case  strength  and an unique appearance. Hand finished,  so that each piece is different in details. 

Cases are  manufactured in steel or bronze, the metals with the highest percentage of recycled raw materials . 

The ceramic used for the bezel is a high hardness material which can’t be scratched. The double-domed sapphire crystal window, as well as being a piece of  fine workmanship, offers great visibility. The dial is domed – a piece of precious workmanship –  improving readability. The back-case – when not on display – is engraved  with a bas-relief, which will reflect the connection to the Planet.High-Tec.


On some TFP models, the standard position of the crown is at HH 08/20, to highlight the connection with the symbolism of number 8.
The Crown in the left position is useful for all those who wear the watch on their right wrist.
If you want a crown positioned on the right, as an option (R) you can ask to have the TFP watch assembled with the crown at HH 02/14.
TFP is the only watch able to offer you the choice for the crown position.

Crown at HH 08/20

Opzione corona a ore 2/14

Crown at HH 02/14


All  TFP timepieces are numbered  and  each collection is  a limited edition,  of no more than 888 pieces .Those of us who wear a TFP watch will not be wearing a mass produced watch  on their wrists,  but  one  of few timepieces manufactured matching our aims of delivering  real Luxury with an unique  experience.

This is even   more emphasized by the Special Editions: very few pieces inside the lmited edition, with dedicated straps and some more  handmade finishing. 

It is also possible – as an option – to  buy  a specific serial number, if  still available in the edition,

water connection

Water is life’s spring for our Planet and  for all our  fellow inhabitants; water is precious  and it must be preserved, even if  Mankind has realized this only recently. TFP finds it natural to manufacture watches which find themselves at ease in the water.

Building on well proved watchmaking tecniques, where Diver watches for 3000 meter dephts have been manufactured, the TFP mechanical watches  enjoy   a strong connection with water, guaranteeing that each model is waterproof, from a minimum 200 mt. (20 ATM) up to 600 mt. (60 ATM).

Strap: vegetable tanned leather, certified

TFP leather  straps, have  strong personality , as highlighted by our special stitching,  and are handmade in Italy using  vegetable tanned leathers (certified), in Tuscany: the oldest tanning method, where tannin is taken from trunks, branches and leaves, without  chemical additives. Our straps, in appearance and quality are unique, and are aalso certified eco-friendly.

Once  thw leathers are  selected (by TFP),  production is performed by Italian craftsmen; each strap is carefully inspected for s resistannce and to check that will perfectly fit the wrist.   

Thanks to  an effective design solution, the TFP strap benefits from a handy quick change mechanism: with a safe and stable  non spring-based lock.  TFP watch owners  can easily  change the watch strap  “dressing“, depending on the occasion or event for which ithe watch is worn.  

TFP offers also additional straps, produced in limited edition. TFP doesn’t use leathers from  protected  animal species. 



“Swiss Made”  is a term indicating  that a  timepiece has been assembled  to the most demanding Quality standards“Swiss Made” is world-wide acknowledged as being a  synonymous  with accuracy,  as  each watch is  subjected to a 48-hour working test .,before being approved. 

All TFP watches  feature  a Swiss  mechanical automatic movement, with high end characteristics,  as selected  by TFP engineering dept., for each watch model.  This  assures  Quality & Reliability, and  all TFP  watches  have an  International Warrantee


TFP timepieces are available at an  unbeatable price for the features they offer, in terms of style, materials and technical performance, to which is added the sustainability of the product and the company. TFP timepieces are designed to maintain their original charactestics  forever.

symbol "8"

Number 8  is the only one which appears on the  dial of TFP watches. This  choice is due to the connection with  the Infinite symbol,  used here  to remind one of  the circularity of Life and of Knowledge, the transition from one generation to the next, and material recycling ,  giving  life to new objects, in a virtuous circle 

Number 8 has also a positive and sacred meaning in many cultures and religions.

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