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The web shop is reserved to private customers  ( consumers) and also the right to withdraw is reserved  only to  consumers ( private customers who act for purposes unrelated to their profession ). There is not right of withdraw for people who t act in a professional context, with reference to a  purchase contract.

In accordance with the law and the article 64 of the Italian Consumer Code, within 15 days from the receipt of the purchased products, the customer is entitled to exercise the right of withdraw: the customer can return the products received and get the refund of the price paid, without any penalty and without the need to specify the reason.

This right is applied to all the products bought online from private customers on the shop:

All the costs of returning the product must be paid by the customer.

The right of withdraw completely lapses when the returned product:

  • it’s no longer intact, for the lack – for example – of elements of the product , such as the box, or any  other various attachments.
  • it has been damaged for different reason other than the transport to the consumer, not previously reported


The purchasing  order  can be cancelled only if at the moment of the  order cancellation request

–  the product   has  not been shipped yet,

–  and also If the amount has not yet been cashed.

In this case no costs will be charged to the customer.

If at the moment of the order cancellation request

– either the product  has been  already been shipped

–  or if  the amount  has already  been cashed

the customer  has  to exercise the right of withdraw and return the product  to TFP srl SB.

For the right of withdraw you need to follow the procedures written here below.


Without limitation of the right of withdraw, at the delivery of the product, the customer who  consider that the product  has been damaged during the transportation, must refuse the delivery or accept it with express reserve.

Customer must pick-up an   undamaged package by affixing on the  document accompanying the following text:

“Undamaged package, withdrawal subject to  control of the content”

Within 5 days of calendar from the delivery, every anomaly must be reported by email at the address: stating:

  • date and nr of the order.
  • A copy of the receipt
  • A copy of the consignment note, signed with reserve
  • A photographic documentation of the damage

To exercise the right of withdraw its necessary to send within 15 calendar days from the delivery of the product a communication in which the intention to withdraw the purchase contract is clearly expressed. This communication must be sent by email to on the condition that is confirmed within the following 48 hours by a registered  return letter sent to:

T.F.P srl SB via di Tempagnano, 150-l-55100 Lucca, Italia.


Using a courier of his choice,  the customer must provide to the shipment of the product (in the original box and still carefully packed and complete with every accessory and all the other things originally contained in the box).

The customer must ship  within 10 calendar days from the date in which he sent  the  e-mail to  exercise the right of withdraw.

The transportation costs and the responsibility on the goods during the shipment, as the required by the law, are borne by the customer.

It is  advisable to  agree an insured transport  of  the product  with the chosen courier,  taking care to pack the goods, and if it is possible putting the original box in an external box, without damaging the product with adhesive tape, label or other.

In case of transport  damage during the return, TFP srl SB will provide to communicate the damage to the customer within 5 calendar days from the receipt of the product, enabling the consumer to lodge complaint to the courier used for transport. The damaged goods will be made available for the return and  the request of withdraw will be simultaneously cancelled.

TFP srl SB will provide to reimburse the consumer,  within 30 days from the moment in which TFP has become aware of the exercise of the right of withdraw, the entire amount of the product,

Reimburse will be through a  transfer procedure on the credit card or paypal  account, or by a  bank transfer to the bank account indicated by the consumer. While the transportation costs are borne by the customer

In the case in which we have a partial right of  withdrawal ( when it is concerned only a part of products delivered with  a single delivery), it is excluded the refund of the shipping costs sustained by the customer for the delivery of the products purchased.