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Water: considered, since the dawn of our civilization, as the basis of life, whether it is human, animal or vegetable. Often represented with the symbol of the horizontal  8 – water is the element  in which  mankind has most exercised  its thirst for exploration,  navigations and discoveries of new worlds and lands. TFP dedicates the OCEAN DIVER model to this precious element, to underline the strong bond  of its timepieces with the water,

OCEAN DIVER is a 3 hands watch, with rotating ring bezel, in ceramic, with  casted steel case, engraved case-back, double domed sapphire crystal. With an automatic Swiss Movement the watch is waterproof up to 600 meters (60 ATM). The Made in Italy  strap  in HPR pro diving or in  vegetable-tanned leather (Certified) in Tuscany, benefits from a handy quick change mechanism. The bezel’s engraved   marks,  to check your  scuba diving  bottom time up to 60 mins .



Those who choose to wear a TFP timepiece are exploring a new trend in personal luxury and expressing their commitment to sustainable elegance. These are individuals who identify themselves as being fundamentally linked to the fate of the planet and as such they are not prepared to compromise, not even in their choice of accessories, which they consider to be distinctive aspects of their identity and lifestyle.  

TFP dedicates its watches to these modern day ’trend-setters“, embracing the incorporation of recycled and eco-friendly materials which serve to protect and enhance the performance of the automatic mechanical movements, which are accompanied by by Italian  straps in  vegetable tanned leather (fully certified) in Tuscany, selected by TFP,  Thus TFP offers the unmistakable Italian style,  coupled with the high quality in manufacturing & assembly.

The TFP Watch  Collection is a perfect marriage of style and reliability, created with sustaining the future of our Planet at the heart of its inception.

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