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The TFP project was born from a very simple, innovative  and original idea; to develop an Italian  mechanical watch  that satisfies the desire to possess a luxury object in the knowledge that it has been created in an environmentally responsible way.

Each stage in our process, from design through production and onto distribution, is designed to guarantee the lowest possible impact to the environment and the planet.

This spirit is perfectly captured: “Sustainability is THE luxury that everyone should be able to afford” 


TFP  founders are managers, professionals, entrepreneurs with highly relevant and successful  professional  experiences, both in Luxury Goods and other businesses.

TFP is the expression of  the will of its Founders,  who share the passion for innovative, unique and exclusive objects, and are focussed on achieving  Sustainability for the Planet, knowing that sustainability is due now for themselves and -above all-  for  future generations. 


TFP was born in Tuscany, probably the best known and most well-loved region of Italy across the world, to the point of being  a ” global brand”. Tuscany has always been a source of inspiration for Art and Beauty, for the many artists and geniuses who lived there, and today is the centre of Italy’s   Fashion industry and brands.

It is in this land, where, strengthened by a glorious past, one looks in an innovative way to the future, and that this  project finds its origin, in particular in the two splendid cities of Florence, still today a melting pot of artistic creativity and cultural renaissance, and of Lucca a medieval jewel, the capital of the paper industry, and an important industrial centre for the recycling of materials.


The stimulating cities of Florence and Lucca have influenced the style characteristics of the TFP timepieces.  Thanks to the creative skills of TFP,  which come from  more than 25 years of     experience  in the style of  technical, sporty and innovative Luxury Hard Goods (mechanical wrist watches, writing instruments, accessories).

The managers of  TFP  helped to grow and to consolidate these  successful brand stories. They now deploy these skills to the service of the TFP project,  to define and implement a new concept  of Affordable  Luxury, with Sustainability


Each TFP product is made exclusive by its unique design,  materials  types used  and manufacturing techniques. World-Beater  is  the adjective that  best identifies our product: as a champion of sustainable luxury.

Exclusivity does not preclude an affordable price.  TFP focus is  on reducing potential environmental impacts in all  business processes, reducing waste and rejects, allowing TFP  timepieces be an innovative,  unique product, whilst still affordable for many.

In addition our marketing and sales processes follow a philosophy of using packaging materials and advertising tools which are essential, with a low environmental impact, without sacrificing elegance and real value.

TFP also  uses technological and digital innovations  to optimize physical space and  minimize  logistical resources.

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