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Those who choose to wear a TFP timepiece are exploring a new trend in personal luxury and expressing their commitment to sustainable elegance

THE sustainable luxury Watch

TFP watches  display a strong personality; they are rich in technical content, sporty,  ideal for everyday wear and suitable for all occasions. They are dedicated to ‘Modern Day Planet Explorers’, to those who love life in all its facets.

TFP watches offer unbeatable value considering the features of  unique design,  quality of  materials  and the performance delivered. Then add to that the sustainability credentials of the watch itself and of TFP as a company. TFP timepieces are designed to have an original look, also thanks to their hand finishing.

TIME FOR THE PLANET srl SB is the first Italian luxury goods company established as a B-Corporation. All TFP processes, from design through to distribution, are carried out in a sustainable way in order to delivery something unique in the world of luxury goods ( Sustainable Luxury).

TFP is seeking to adhere to the vision laid out by the United Nations in the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals



CO2 offset

TFP srl SB, a first for  an  Italian Luxury company,  has been established as a B-Corporation that is a company aiming for profitability, but also delivering a common Benefit for all stakeholders and for the global  Biosphere.

TFP’s philosophy naturally leads to manufacturing  high Quality Mechanical Watches , whilst still   protecting  the global  Bioshpere, and  improving our quality of Life, today and tomorrow.

TFP pays great attention, on the one hand to using recycled, recyclable, eco-friendly materials, and on the other to reducing the use of harmful materials such as solvents,  batteries (i.e. quartz movements), as well as  the waste of paper and wood,  the abuse of space and of logistic resources.  

TFP uses all available technological and digital innovations  to enable it  to optimize its processes and to achieve  its goals.

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Not only you will be updated about TFP, but you will be offered discounts & models reserved only to TFP subscribers

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